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Setting the Record Straight

A lot has been said about me, about a delusional poster by the name PatriotJeff. Here are the facts on the situation.

He claims I threatened him with a lawsuit. This is far from the truth, and he has yet to prove it. I do remember the post, and it was by a person calling himself steelerific, or something of that sort. I never personally said this. He can claim it all that he wants, but in the end he's just a blowhard that has been proven wrong time and time again. He'll claim that the post was deleted, and while I have had a few deleted. The reason I said I've not had any deleted was because I can still see them when I go to them. This is my only screen name, and unlike him. I haven't had a plethora of them banned. More on that one he claims where I said this, was nothing more than me responding to another post, saying. "I just lost 40 IQ points reading this". That is the truth.

He conveniently forgets to mention that he is on his 5th or 6th screen name. That all of his previous names were banned for stalking and violating the TOS agreement. He was also a finalist, along with irregardless as the most delusional poster on this board. In addition, he also created his name in my honor. He says so in one of his posts. If thats not stalking I do not know what person needs serious serious help. He even tried to join one of my groups, another sign of stalking. He sent private messages to others in the group, and berated those that joined a fantasy baseball league that I started. Wow, it goes on and on. Oh well.

This is a message board, its not life and death. I'm here to escape from daily routine from time to time. Yeah, my overpaid government job permits me to do'm here to read what others have to say, get a rise out of some unexpected idiots, and laugh. Which I do frequently, especially at people like this.

I'm sure he will rebut this, making more and more false claims. Until he provides one shread of evidence backing up any of his claims. Do what I do, take him with a grain of salt, and continue laughing at him, like most people do.

I should get back to work now. I'll check in later, after my employees hit the street, and I can retire to the confines of my office, or I'll go flirt with my Bulk Mail technician, (just don't tell my

Have a nice day.

Go Steelers! First to Six and on the Stairway to seven.
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NFL ALL Criminal Team

Since CBS deleted a thread I tried to start TWICE. Stating this exact thing, I wonder if they'll censor my own blog as well.
This can also be seen at Phat Phree where I copied it from...

I enjoyed it, and I hope you will as well. And if someone can explain to me why CBS disallowed this as a thread, but continue to let other far more offensive material to be posted, please let me know.


Todd Marinovich - QB

Just last month the Artist Formerly Known as Robo-QB was arrested in a public bathroom with a bent spoon and a syringe. What better guy to lead this team? The closest most quarterbacks come to getting in trouble with the law is a DUI, but Marinovich doesn't "mess" around. The spaces between his toes have seen more needles than a Christmas tree lot. Just don't tell him to "put the smack down"... because he never will.

O.J. Simpson
- RB 

The Juice is an obvious choice, so we won't spend much time with his legal qualifications for this team. Double-murder, here's your jersey.

Lawrence Phillips - RB 

Arrested too many times to count, a washout in both the NFL and the CFL, Phillips has finally found a team that will take him. Young Lawrence, well... he has women problems. He knows more about battery charges than the manufacturers of DieHard and the Energizer bunny combined. He's beaten every girlfriend he ever had and once punched a woman in the face after she refused to dance with him at a Miami night club. While at Nebraska, in what may be his most famous carry, he was accused of breaking into his ex's room, dragging her by the hair down three flights of stairs, and jacking her head against a mailbox, which also earns him a nomination for the All-Caveman Team.

Rae Carruth - WR 

Guilty of the most heinous crime in the history of the NFL (remember, OJ was acquitted), Carruth is an obvious choice. He orchestrated the execution-style murder of his pregnant girlfriend because she refused to have an abortion. While he only got into the end zone four times in his short career, you can rest assured that this wideout has been on the receiving end of numerous scoring drives since arriving in state correctional facilities, most of which were led by a couple of guys with swastika tattoos.

Michael Irvin - WR

With all the cocaine he's done in his life, he could probably chalk the entire Texas Stadium field. He kept the Tarrant County courtrooms busy in the late 90's, and despite finding God (was he lost?), he managed to mix in a few drug charges in this millennium too. His roster spot is further solidified by the fact that he once had a hit out on him â€" by a cop. Former Dallas police officer Johnnie Hernandez was arrested after he paid $2960 to an undercover DEA agent in order to have Irvin murdered. Awesome.

Mark Chmura - TE 

Despite being acquitted on charges of sexual assault and child enticement, 'Chewy' gets the starting nod at tight end. Who knows what really went down with him and that 17 year-old in the bathroom of a drunken prom party? All we know is this â€" the court of public opinion is a bitch.

Barret Robbins - OL 

Previously best known for disappearing the night before Oakland's Super Bowl thrashing in 2003, Robbins trumped that the following year by attacking three police officers who, being armed, shot him twice in the chest. Police reports indicate that even after being shot Robbins continued to attack the officers, which is just the kind of spunk we need on this team. The good news is that Robbins survived his wounds. The bad news is that he is facing three counts of attempted murder of a police officer.

Nate Newton - OL 

Newton was a shoe-in for this team when he got busted in Louisiana with 213 pounds of marijuana after being pulled over for a traffic violation (who breaks traffic laws with a van full of drugs?), but then he made a serious case to become a team captain six weeks later when, while out on bail, he got busted again. This time it was 175 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car. One thing's for sure - when it's fourth and long, we know ol' Nate is down to 'go for it'.

Justin Strzelczyk - OL 

Aside from only having one vowel in his last name (not counting "y"), Strzelczyk also had only one great defining moment. After a hit-and-run accident in New York, police chased his pickup 40 miles, during which Strzelczyk flipped off troopers and at one point threw a beer bottle at them. In the end, Strzelczyk crashed head on at 90 miles per hour into a tanker truck carrying corrosive acid, leaving an explosive scene police compared to an airplane crash. Strzelczyk didn't make it out alive, he did, literally, go down in a 'blaze of glory', and you gotta respect that. And for those concerned, the driver of the tanker escaped with only minor injuries.

Chris Terry - OL 

Arrested for wife beating in 2002. While that's nothing new in the NFL, it is worth noting that in this instance he slammed her into a wall, head-butted her and stuffed her face into a pillow â€" while their two children watched. Our scouts feel these characteristics will be very helpful in stopping the pass rush on our quarterback, who is slow of foot and, of course, a smackhead.

Keno Hills - OL 

Heroin and weapons charges for the former Southwestern Louisiana Rajin' Cajun. Hills makes the team for his ability to acquire a fix for Marinovich in the event of a mid-game withdrawal, ala "Playmakers". While the charges against him could have led to life in prison, they were later dropped. His starting spot is further solidified due to the fact that his first name is gambling related.


Ray Lewis - LB 

Arrested in 2000 following a Super Bowl party on two counts of first-degree murder. The charges were later dropped and Lewis pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. While the serious charges were dropped, Lewis did pay out undisclosed amounts to the two victims' family, which is not something that innocent people tend to do. He's a real playmaker, he was on the cover of Madden 2005, and he does that spastic dance that America seems to love, so his image has recovered quite a bit, but he can't fool us. Welcome aboard, Ray-Ray.

Lawrence Taylor - LB 

Went from cracking heads to crack head in record time. In his now infamous "60 Minutes" interview, Taylor claimed to have spent thousands of dollars a day on narcotics and to have hired prostitutes to go to opponents' hotel rooms the night before games. He's had numerous drug related arrests along with a tax evasion charge. Regarding his lifestyle in the late 1990s Taylor described his home as "like a crackhouse." Our kind of player.

Bill Romanowski - LB 

Romo was indicted by a grand jury in 2000 for allegedly obtaining phentermine, a diet drug with stimulant properties, under false pretenses. He was later acquitted but he is currently linked to the BALCO steroid scandal. He broke the orbital bone of teammate Marcus Williams in practice and effectively ended his career. He's been fined for numerous violent on-field incidents and spat in the face of wide receiver J.J. Stokes on Monday Night Football. And while it's not illegal, he's a total racist.

Alonzo Spellman - DL

Spellman is the only member of this team to have been charged with terrorizing passengers on a commercial flight and forcing an emergency landing. According to investigators, once on the ground Spellman told the pilot "I am about to rip your throat out." Add to the mix weapons charges, a standoff with police from inside his publicist's home and the usual DUI and failure to appear charges, and you've got a starting D-lineman.

Darrell Russell - DL 

A repeat offender of the NFL's substance abuse policy, Russell actually broke it so many times that he's out of football. His weakness? Ecstasy. I know, I know- whose isn't?- but Russell was also charged with 25 felonies as an accomplice stemming from the videotaped rape of a woman by two of his friends. Prosecutors charged that he was the one behind the camera, but later dropped charges due to concern they would not win a jury conviction. However, Darrell Russell remains the only scumbag on the team that knows who Paul Oakenfold is.

Mark Gastineau - DE

Assault, drug possession and woman-beating (burned a girlfriend with a cigarette lighter) are some of the charges he's faced. Repeated parole violations led to 11 months in Riker's Island prison. He admitted to using steroids while he played for the Jets. After his football career, he got into boxing. He finished with a 15-2 record and widely circulated reports that he was involved in fixed fights. And while we weren't again aware it had been lost, Gastineau claims to have found religion.

Jim Dunaway - DE 

Charged with murder in the death of his former wife, Dunaway is the unpublicized OJ Simpson (and, in fact, was a teammate of The Juice in Buffalo for three seasons). Prior to her death, she had won a divorce judgment that gave her more than 800 acres the couple owned, $1,800 a month in alimony and half of Dunaway's NFL pension. A grand jury assigned to the case did not indict him ("if you didn't see them fight, you must not indict"). His kids then sued him in a civil suit and won. That doesn't mean he did it. Um.

Gene Atkins - S

Arrested for firebombing a former business associate but was later acquitted. Most recently he barricaded himself in his house after his wife called police claiming he had shoved her against a wall, choked her, bit her and then beat her with a remote control. Then, when told by police that he was under arrest, Atkins replied, "No I'm not" and punched the officer in the throat, then pushed him outside the home. Surprisingly the police didn't agree, re-entered the home, found Atkins holding four knives, and summarily dropped him with a 'hot shot' from a Taser gun.

Eugene Robinson - S

On the eve of the Super Bowl and a mere twelve hours after receiving the Bart Starr Award from Athletes in Action, an award honoring high moral character, Robinson was busted for offering an undercover Miami policewoman $40 for oral sex. While his record is otherwise spotless, the sheer publicity this arrest generated warrants a starting spot in our secondary. Plus he's the only guy that God will allow to do the team prayer.

Corey Fuller - CB

One of the few players on this team not arrested for fighting outside a bar, beating, raping or killing a woman or any sort of narcotics charge, Fuller seems out of place on this team. He was however charged with hosting high-stakes card games at his house, which was also the site of a shootout. In that event, an assailant attempted to rob the card game and a shootout ensued in which approximately 20 rounds were fired between Fuller and the man. Although only feelings were hurt in the end, that's still some Wild West shit. It definitely earns Fuller a spot at cornerback.

Samari Rolle - CB

The cornerback position is surprisingly thin on criminals so Rolle edges out Ty Law (crossing international borders with 'Ex') for a roster spot. His crime? Spousal abuse (yawn). And while pedestrian compared to his newest teammates' rap sheets, it should be pointed out that the altercation took place on Valentine's Day. Where's the love, Samari?


Sebastian Janikowski - K

Ah, See-Bass. Everyone's favorite out-of-control Slav. He's been arrested for bar fights, drinking and driving (.20 BAC), reckless driving, bribing a police officer, evidence tampering and possession of a drug best known in the media as "the date rape drug." (See-Bass reportedly administered the drug to himself! Hey, how many Pol- never mind). Oh, and it should also be noted that while playing a position that usually features the most diminutive guys on the field Janikowski stands 6'2 and weighs 250 pounds. Big Krazy Kicker! In his defense, a bar owner once said of him, "It's his Polish accent; he always sounds wasted." That or he really is, you know, always wasted. My money's on the latter.

Todd Sauerbrun - P 

Punters are not exactly known to be the criminal type, but Sauerbrun stands out as the most rebellious of the bunch â€" he got a DWI. And- hold your breath- he was also charged with driving with a revoked license. And in a hilarious aside, he has a running feud with the Gramatica family. Martin, Bill and even baby brother Santiago are all players he refuses to share a uniform with. No worries, Todd, unless one of them holds up a Dairy Queen, it'll be just you and Sebastian.


Jimmy Johnson - Coach 

Seeing as how he's already coached half this team, he's the obvious choice for the job. Whether you're looking at his days at the University of Miami or with the Dallas Cowboys, this guy has never met a criminal he wouldn't put in the starting lineup. While he has never been charged with a crime, he has been known to associate with individuals that could best be described as unsavory.

What a class group we have assembled. We'll leave the bench players to you.

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 I finished the first week a resounding 8-0 in my H2H leagues. I'm sure that won't continue.

I've offered up some trades, and received some as well. Some were so ridiculous and others were worth contemplating. I did settle on 3 different offers, and am waiting for the last to go through.

First trade, I was offered Rickie Weeks and Miguel Cabrera for Dan Uggla and David Price. I jumped on it, quicker than flies on #$^%.

The second took a little more thinking, I was offered Jake Peavey for Roy Oswalt and Troy Percival. Weighing all my options I accepted.

The third. I offered Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, Jeremy Guthrie, Brandon Inge and Pat Burrell for Stephen Drew, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Martin and Mariano Rivera. The other party accepted, which actually helps both teams, filling out weaknesses on both parts. We are waiting for it to make it through the voting process. it should go thru, unless some bozos are out there.

Well, ok, just in from a drunken night of bowling, in which we won the league championship...yay to hit the sack as I have to be at work in 6 hours...good thing I'm the boss eh?

Oh, and don't forget to come join my (our) group at http://indepth-fantasy-baseball.gro

All are welcome, and we've already swapped some great ideas, and suggestions...

Lets get it going....


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Edited on: April 17, 2009 4:04 am

Fantasy Baseball

 I am considering starting a Fantasy Baseball group.

I am extremely knowledgeable in the Baseball aspect of it, as I participate in 7 leagues. (Last year was 4 h2h and 1 Roto). I was in the championship in all 4 H2H, winning 2 of them, but my roto team did falter with injuries towards the end. This year, I have joined 8 total, 6 on here. 3 Free Leagues, (which  I do early to gauge where players are generally falling), 2 Gold leagues and 1 commissioners league.

If there is any interest out there, give me some feedback. I will make it open to anyone, but trolls would be immediately expelled. I enjoy a good debate. I can be completely unbiased in my suggestions or opinions, as I don't put my favorite teams or players higher than others just because I like them. I'm in it, to win it. And last check, I don't receive a check from those teams or

To be continued.....




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The Steelerific Lounge

 This group has been taken over by a troll. He's 100% completely against the Steelers. Its basically an Anti-Steelers group. NO, as this troll professes. I am not a member. I've completely left, as any real Steeler fan should, until a Real Steeler fan can take it back over. Until then, I encourage all members to leave, and join either or both, Three Rivers Five Rings and/or the Iron City Asylum. Thanks to those groups for being totally welcoming to Steelers fans, near and far, and doing their best to be 100% Troll Free.

First to Six and on the Stairway to Seven.

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